Venus Negi


Elevators Ms 2021 – North India

How does it feel to be the Elevators Miss North India 2021 winner? How has been the journey so far?
Answer: It’s the biggest achievement in my life till now, being Miss North India 2021 feels so special and the best part is being loved by number of people. My journey till now has been wonderful and interesting and I got to learn so many things so far.
What has been your success mantra?
Answer: -Success doesn’t come easily to anyone. If life throws you a challenge, fight back hard you might fail numerous times to achieve your ambition. But never let failure be an end as there is always light at the end of every tunnel.
Now that you have won this, what’s next?
Answer: – This is just the beginning of my life, and many things are waiting for me. The way the groomers worked on us and improved us for better was amazing. Now I’ll prepare myself to go at aglobal leveland prepare myself for Miss India to fulfil my dream of being Miss Universe.
Who was your mentor throughout?
Answer: – My mentor throughout this journey was my mother, the way she molded me and worked hard for me wasthe greatest motivation for me and yes Mr. Rahul Malhotra who gave me an opportunity and a great platform. He was always there to help me in every situation in this field.
What was the first thought that came into your mind when they announced your name as the Elevators Miss North India 2021 Winner? Did you expect to win this?
Answer: – When my name was announced I was shocked and was confused a little bit for a moment before I realized that it was me who won the Title. I always believed in myself that I will win because I did a lot of hard work to win this and was fully dedicated.
Who do you feel was your biggest competition at the pageant?
Answer: – Every single girl was a big competition for me. The way they all worked hard on themself was appreciable and really inspiring and that was something that kept me going throughout the competition andbecoming a winner among such talented girls is an achievement in itself.
You have made your parents proud, what are your plans for them?
Answer: – My parents are so proud of me. My plans for them is to provide them with a lifestyle that they deserve just same way they has provided for me since childhood and make them even more prouder.
You have inspired many young girls to dream, desire and achieve. What’s your message for all
the aspiring girls?
Answer: – A girl has a right to dream and fulfil it. Nowadays girls are one step forward as compared to boys. So, the only message from my side to girls out there would be a girl should be strong enough to face any hurdle in her life and she is capable enough to fulfil her own dreams.