Turning Fat-to-Fit Lifestyle in a Fun Manner – Everyone Can Run a Marathon


Name:- Shiv Yadav
Founder & Coach at Shivspirit.
Energize National Level Athletic Fitness Champion – 2020.


At the age of 18, he entered the field of fitness. In the last 8 years, he has done a thorough study of people’s health as well as their health problems and found that people are Physically fit but not as much fit mentally. This sparked passion and dedication inside him and the name “Shivspirit” came into existence. He made an attempt to transform the people not only to the ideal weight of their body but also provide them with an ideal mindset to become physically and mentally strong. So far, many people have been a part of his journey. Many of them have reached to their goal, while some are rigourously putting efforts to transform their lives under the extreme guidance of Mr.Shiv Ydav. He learn’t one thing from all his experiences till the time and that is “Consistency”. Nothing is impossible if you have capability to handle Consistency. But is that going to work only with consistency? No, it is necessary to achieve certain targets with utmost dedication and passion to reach a certain goal.

As his father is an Indian Army Ex- Serviceman, he was fond of doing exercises to keep myself fit. But doing Exercise to keep himself fit was not the only motto. He believed that he can help other people as well to stay fit and healthy, so it made him to choose this as his life-long profession.

He started to train a Group of people and tried to share his fitness regime and knowldege. The motto behind this Training was to provide fitness knowledge to people around me and also to Spread this it to the maximum number of people. It is said that, “”Together we do more””.

He always give these following 3 keywords to his clients:

  • Consistency
  • Goal
  • Patience

☆ His Motive: People should be aware of their Health issues and Should take a good care of it. “”Fit India, Hit India””
☆ His Success formula: If a person exercises for 1 hour everyday, then in 365 days you would Exercise only for 12 Days.
☆ His Inspiration: By taking inspiration from his Father who worked in Army, his Mother taught him to stay fit and healthy. Mr. Shiv Yadav gives all the credit to his Parents, as what he is today is only because of their support and love.

For any Question/queries/Collaboration, Please Visit His Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/shivspirit/