The Journey From Rags To Riches


Jagpal Singh Story in his Own Words

Today my Di (my elder sister) was coming from hostel for the weekend. I knew how much she loved her computer that dad had gifted her. After all it was the last gift given by dad to her before he passed away. But I have changed it into my personal music system-by attaching woofers to them, recording dhol beats, and remixing her favourite songs with the dhol beats. I was afraid that now she would definitely stop giving me rupees 200 that she used to give me for dropping her to the bus stand. You can understand the value of 200 bucks for a 14-year old chap.

Di came. I was both happy and scared. She met mom and then it was my turn. She sensed the fear in my eyes. She straight way asked me, “What have you done this time?” I replied, “Nothing”. It was a signal to her that something’s fishy. She headed to her room and just after a couple of minutes a scream came from her room, “Mommy….. This boy again touched my computer”.
I waited for her anger to calm down. Then, I went to her room and sat on her bed. She was lying on the bed. “Sorry Di”, I started the conversation. “Huhh”, came the reply. I started crying. She immediately got up and sat straight. I tried again, “Sorry Di! But you know my passion for music. What other resources do I have except your computer? Can’t I use it when you are away and not using it?” Then the same thing happened. She melted and gave me a tight hug. Her anger vanished. “I want to see you become so popular one day that people should come to you to take your autograph.” That inspired me! I devoted my whole time for creating music. It annoyed my family members sometime, but yes, now I had their support.

I completed my school, then engineering. I became popular in my school and college for my love for music. My passion did not stop there only. I took professional training in DJ from *DJ ARYAN* . I used to play DJ in weddings and functions for a meagre amount of rupees 500. My friends and relatives sometimes looked down upon me as this profession does not gain respect in our stereotype society.

However, I did not stop. I did not care about “log kya kahenge”. I continued to learn and slowly made my place in music industry. Thanks to my friends who are my team today. Thanks to my family, especially, my mom and sisters for supporting me in following my passion.
Daily I’m gathering feathers in my cap by organising DJ shows all across the globe! Yes, apart from India, my company offers services for wedding ceremonies, college functions, and star events in countries like Dubai, Malaysia, Canada, UK, and so on.
And the journey continues… Book your event and become a part of this musical journey of mine!!
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