Elevators Mrs 2021 – North India

How does it feel to be the Elevators Mrs North India 2021 winner? How has been the journey so far?
This was my first pageant and I never thought I would be in the finals however to be in the finals and win the title was like a dream comes true. I feel elated on winning this title. Thanks to the entire team of elevators glam and elevators global for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this pageant. This journey has been incredible. I got to learn a lot things from my fellow contestants no matter if they were from the Miss category or Mrs Category .
What has been your success mantra?
To win a title like this has been a dream for me. Love what you do and do what you love. That’s my success mantra. I choose to become persistent, action-oriented and bold about my dream.
Now that you have won this, what’s next?
Next is to participate in Mrs India and be the best version of me in that pageant too. I shall make elevators glam proud at the national level.
What was the first thought that came into your mind when they announced your name as the Elevators Miss North India 2021 Winner? Did you expect to win this?
The moment they announced my name I was like Wowww , my heart was pounding. That was actually one of the best moments of my life. First pageant and to be able to win the title actually has boost my confidence. Every participant was amazing. I was expecting to be in the top 3 but now I have won this title I am really happy about this.
Who do you feel was your biggest competition at the pageant?
Everyone was equally talented and amazing that’s why they were in the finals but personally I feel my biggest competition at the pageant was with myself only. How I performed in first round I wanted to perform better in the second one. I was competing with myself so that I come out to be the better version of me by the end of this pageant.
You have made your parents proud, what are your plans for them?
Both of my families have been so supportive and I want to make them proud in whatever I do.
You have inspired many young girls to dream, desire and achieve. What’s your message for all the aspiring girls?
I want to tell them that no matter where you are born and raised no matter where you are married (small city or metropolitan) the place doesn’t matter if you are determined to pursue your dreams no one can stop you.