Ducal Phakka


1st Runner Up Elevators Ms 2021 – North India

How does it feel to be the Elevators Miss North India 2021 1 st Runner up? How has been the journey so far?
It feels empowering to earn this title. I feel really proud of myself for working hard and achieving this milestone. It has been quite a journey for me as I’m already working in this industry and the competition we face each day is immense. Nevertheless, all experiences, good or bad helps you grow. So did this one.
What has been your success mantra?
To be patient and persistent. Nothing comes easily with a snap of fingers. Similarly, my mantra to be persistent with my work and to be open to grab opportunities has helped me grow. I always look forward to work and interact with new artists.
Now that you have won this, what’s next?
It’s not a head start for me as I’m already working in this field but this will immensely help me boost up my career as a model. Elevators offer great opportunities which I’m looking forward to and I’m really excited to step into different dimensions of any forthcoming work.
Who was your mentor throughout?
I admire many artists globally. I’ve learnt something or the other from every artist I’ve met which added onto my knowledge and inspired me not to give up. It’s hard to pin point any one individual whom i look upto as my mentor. However, Rahul Malhotra (Elevators Global) has been the most helpful mentor. I acknowledge all the support he provides me to grow and glow!
What was the first thought that came into your mind when they announced your name as the Elevators Miss North India 2021 1 st runner up? Did you expect to win this?
As i stood on the stage, i was nervous, although i was pretty confident about my performance yet it was a tough competition with all the other talented girls standing beside me. After announcing the sub-titles as they called out my contestant number for Elevators Miss North India 2021 1st runner up, I couldn’t believe for a second that i did it!! I can’t explain the relief and the sense of pride i felt when they presented me with the sashe.
How you plan to celebrate this win?
I’m really happy about this achievement. And my real celebrations would lie in stepping up and enhancing myself with all the wonderful experiences i had at this event. Although….. celebrating this victory favourite “junk food” doesn’t sound so bad either. Lol!
You have made your parents proud, what are your plans for them?
It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I’ve made my family proud and i plan to continue doing so at even greater levels. I look forward to improve myself and match the pace at which i aspire to work, to do right by my family and provide them with a wonderful future ahead.
You have inspired many young girls to dream, desire and achieve. What’s your message for all
the aspiring girls?
With all the experiences i had until now, I’d like to convey to all the aspiring young artists to dream big, but strategize and implement hard and work even harder. Be patient, you’ll meet new people, you’ll have experiences you never thought you’d have. There will be setbacks, there will be comebacks but if you’re really passionate about your work your heart will never let you give up. These things sound very ambitious but your true test lies during one of those bad days when you really, really want to give up but you manage to hang on. Believe in yourself and start right now as it’s never too early or too late to pursue your passion.