Beating the odds to build a disruptive Tech & Digital Powerhouse


Vrushali Pradhan was born and brought up in Teosa, a small town in Maharashtra, in a Marathi family.

With 2 siblings, she was the most outspoken, loved to speak from heart and was carefree. she loved to be independent, fly like a bird. She had supportive parents who let her work in another city, become independent. She remembered the days where she was being paid merely Rs 500 in an IT training center. Where she started her real professional journey as a sales girl in one of the car sales outlet at Nasik.

She married the love of her life Satyajeet Pradhan, who hails from Odisha. She quits her job in Nagpur and came down to Bangalore just to marry him and be with him forever, although her parents didn’t approve it initially. But they were happily married and are now are the founders of Bizydale.

She always had an interest in Sales, and as the world was drifting and changing to digital and cutting edge technologies; she founded Bizydale Nets in 2014 which was to offer products and services in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, social media marketing, and analytics services to brands. She remembers the times when she quits her well paid job in one of the reputed companies and joined his husband Satyajeet Pradhan, that was the CEO of Bizydale into technology and digitalization. Being from a non-IT, it was one of the bravest and toughest things she could have done by taking up the responsibility of revenue generation of a pure tech company. It wasn’t an easy task! In the starting, it was a disaster! She visited companies, met several people however she failed to convince! She failed to sell!

Self-confidence, determination to succeed and the optimistic approach to deal with negativity, failures around made her stronger everyday. Over a period of few months of rigorous mentoring by Satyajeet, initial failures at Bizydale Nets turned into lessons of success. They went ahead to form two other units i.e Bizydale Studios that offers Video Productions, Graphic Designing, Brand designing, Virtual Tours etc and Auto Connect that offers digitalization of Automotive Manufacturer and Dealer business through new-age technologies.

Within 7 years, Bizydale India have offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Texas (USA) and cloaks revenue close to INR 100 crores.

She is a very lively person and a vivid traveller. She loves trekking, spending quiet time amid mountains. She had been quite a performer throughout her career and have received great recommendations, feedbacks from well-known business leaders.

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