A Flnance Professional Turned Makeup Artist Who Can Prompt Beauty Out Of Anyone


The Journey towards being a makeup artist started out of Passion. After completing her masters from UK, Lochan was taking care of her Family Business. One Day While watching a makeover video she got interested in learning makeup & hair styling professionally. This was the stepping stone in Foundation of Luxe Makeovers.

During her training, Lochan gained knowledge from international makeup artists from across the globe. She is not just an makeup artist, but a hairstylist too.

The initial days of the career were challenging as she was new to industry, but with her immense skills and passion to establish her in beauty industry, she started collaborations with models, designers and photographers where she got expertise & exposure on working with different people and dealing with varying personalities , that was definitely a learning curve and unnerving at times.

As Lochan Says

“I had to learn more than how to apply makeup. I had to learn how to read people, listen, what questions to ask, how to analyse and prep their skin, etc.”

In her experience the most helpful and advantageous lessons in her career are

Clients want to feel listened to and understood.

* Listening is the key to gaining trust.

* Makeup is very personal but you cannot take their feedback personally.

* Customer service is everything.

* Being reliable, communicative, and friendly is essential.

* Practicing the highest standards of sanitation is an absolute must.

* How you present yourself is equally important. Show up polished, professional, and presentable. You are an advertisement for your business.


On any path to the goal, we face difficulties and failures. Lochan shared the mistakes she faced during her career in her known words:
* Collaborating at the beginning of my career out of fear of not being accepted for my work in future.
* Taking too low of a retainer when booking weddings.
* Being afraid to raise rates out of fear of not being able to retain Clients.
* Letting a client’s verbal abuse get the best of me.
* Selecting wrong Social Media Marketing Agency that did not yield any return on my investment. Word of mouth, SEO and social media marketing is the way to go.

As Per Lochan, It is important to invest in your kit. Her kit has always been professional-grade, camera-ready products. When you are first starting out in the industry it can be hard to build a kit on a budget but professional brands do offer discount programs to students and professionals. Take advantage of this as the investment into professional brands will pay for themself over time. Clients also are very observant and they do look at what you work with and will ask you questions about what you use. If you want to be treated like a professional you must present yourself as one.

Lochan offers Services in

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Editorial Makeup
  • Fashion Makeup
  • Makeup educator
  • Eye Makeup Specialist
  • Russian Hairstylist

For any Question/queries/Collaboration, Please Visit Her Instagram profile www.instagram.com/luxe_makeovers