A Cricketer Turned Author


By profession she is an architect and writing is her passion and now profession also.

As a national level cricketer, Cricket is always in her nerves, since childhood she used to play gully cricket but slowly she got selected in punjab team. She is also a gold medalist in taekewando and red belt in judo karate and a state level champion in Badminton and best athlete as well.

As a former player, she always love to do things regarding cricket.Thats the main point when she wants to write about players and their performances in world cups and many other matches.

She has been an active sports-person in her student life and also had keen interest in debating, poetry, singing, dancing and comparing. She started writing poetry at a very young age of 13.

Being an avid reader, she had read deep expressions towards cricket and other poetry writings also. She has penned down some poems that are being published as a collection of poems in the form of Her first book named ‘ALFAAZ-E- ZINDAGI’. She writes largely for newspapers and magazines. She also writes slogans, quotes for various adds like paints, female feuticide, women empowerment etc.

She is fluent in Hindi, English and Punjabi.